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Nov 1, 2015

PAT Fall Event - November 6-8, 2015                                                                                 


Sep 20, 2015

We will be offering two classes tomorrow night Tuesday Sept. 29th at the Dallas Makerspace. We will be covering Makign Charcoal for Pyrotechnics at 7pm and Making Black Powder at 8pm.


May 7, 2015


PAT Spring Event for May 8-10 is CANCELED.

We're very sorry and disappointed.

The site location's land is saturated with water and is unusable.  More rain and thunderstorms are forecast for Friday and Saturday. 

The PAT Officers will review options for rescheduling and will post them on this website and on Facebook.



 PAT Fall Event - Caddo Mills - Nov. 6-8

 The Fall Event of 2015 is focused on sharing experiences and knowledge among all members.  PAT members will provide product and equipment demonstrations.  There will be opportunity to learn how to build 1.4G (C) and 1.3G (B) Displays.  PAT shell and rocket builders will be available to share their knowledge and skills. PAT Officers will be leading formal classes on Saturday on:

Mine Building                              Licensing & Regulations         

There will be opportunities to work with experienced PAT members to learn about:

Firing Systems                 Mortars/Guns                 1.4G (C) Displays      1.3G (B) Displays*

* Texas - 1.3G (B) Sign Offs will be available for those who participate in safety, matching, setup, shoot, teardown, and cleanup

The agenda for Caddo Mills 3-day Event will be:

Friday:  There will be Open Shooting from 4:00pm – 11:00pm on Friday, with no salutes to be ignited after 10:00pm.  PAT Officers will be on-site Friday beginning about mid-day.  We encourage members to arrive on Friday to meet everyone and share each other’s techniques. 

Saturday:  Mandatory Safety class starts day at 10:00 am, then everyone goes into areas they are most interested in.   PAT members who are experienced shell and rocket builders will be available to members who interested in learning about those crafts.  Instruction in 1.4G (C) product types and techniques will be offered and a small 1.3G (B) Display will be built during the day offering instruction to those interested in helping.  The 1.3G (B) Display will be ignited beginning at approximately 9:00pm.  There will be Open Shooting from 4:00pm – 11:00pm on Saturday, with no salutes to be ignited after 10:00pm.

Sunday:  Clean up in the morning.

Note: There will be no extremely high decibel shooting allowed at this event.  This is due to concern for the neighborhood, which has increased in density around the location, and from the direction of the Permit Holder and Fire Marshall.   Please check with the PAT Officers on-site if you have questions about your particular product in this regard.

PAT will be providing catered lunch and dinner on Saturday and will ask members to donate to the club to help defray the cost.  PAT will also supply water and soda’s during the event.

This is the PAT website:


PAT is on Facebook, check us out:


Membership dues are required to participate and can be paid on-site at the event. Annual Dues are $75 Individual or $110. Family.

A PAT Business Meeting and elections will be held at this event.


Directions to the event:

Caddo Mills – November 6-8, 2015

Nelson’s Fireworks – Caddo Mills, Texas, 75135. 

Nelson’s Fireworks is a large retail location, look for its distinctive signage.

Nelson’s Fireworks is located on the West-bound side of Interstate I-30 at the NE corner of FM 1903 in Caddo Mills.  Use I-30 Exit 87 to access the West-side entrance of Nelson’s Fireworks .


GPS Location:Latitude 33° 2'39.81"N
Longitude 96°10'51.63"W

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